Rossen Ivanov at Forbes ESG Summit 2023: Structure that matters

Rossen Ivanov at Forbes ESG Summit 2023: Structure that matters
28 february 2023
Entrepreneurs have the potential to drive significant change and be powerful agents of progress.

However, they require proper support to make a lasting impact. At BlackPeak Capital, we are dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to succeed in their endeavors.


Our Managing Partner, Rossen Ivanov, recently shared insights on ESG practices during the Forbes ESG Summit 2023.

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ESG practices are essential for enhancing the value of portfolio companies and reducing operational risks. However, their implementation requires a comprehensive understanding of each of the E, S and G elements.


The G, for governance, is fundamental for the success of our investees. Good governance is a necessary condition for aligned strategic decision-making and for avoidance of risks, and for the prevention of shareholder conflicts.

The S, or social element, is essential to including all stakeholders in a company's success and avoiding practical and costly risks related to poor systems and processes.


Finally, the E, or environmental element, is crucial for a change in mindset regarding how we operate at individual, company, and societal levels. Without incorporating the E in economic activities, we will continue on an unsustainable path.


During the Forbes ESG Summit 2023, we had the pleasure of speaking with three bright Bulgarian entrepreneurs, Gergana Stancheva, Lamon, and Zornitsa Zheglova from Plastic Free Life Bulgaria, and Lyubomir Yanchev from MClimate, about how sustainability can be a prerequisite for success.


Sustainability is not just a modern trend; it is necessary for creating long-lasting value. Entrepreneurs who incorporate sustainable practices into their business models will reap the rewards of a changing market that values environmentally and socially responsible businesses. At BlackPeak Capital, we aim to support and empower entrepreneurs who are dedicated to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact.


Thank you to Forbes Bulgaria for leading the conversation and allowing us to share our insights and experiences. Together, we can drive significant change and create a better future for all.

Photos: High Noir for Forbes Bulgaria

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