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Innovation is at the core of what our investees do. It enables them to compete successfully on a global scale and provide products and solutions, which improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Meet some of the groundbreaking innovations developed by our investees:


SMEs represent the backbone of EU’s and Southeast Europe’s economies. Growth equity investment is one of the best instruments to support economic development by backing innovative SMEs across multiple industries. Our investments help companies to invest in innovation, create new jobs, build new factories, increase exports, raise productivity and average salary levels, and provide case studies of successful growth and internationalization of regional SMEs.

Unlike technology-focused VC funds, whose investments tend to be focused on the IT industry and in main cities, our investments are more evenly distributed across industries and regional centers. This helps bring much needed economic opportunities outside of the region’s capitals and provide employment for disadvantaged social groups and minorities.


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ESG Impact

We believe that responsible investing is the only way to achieve long-term capital appreciation and build world-class companies. We are committed to responsible investment on a personal and organizational level and seek to demonstrate and materialise our commitment while navigating the challenges of growth equity investment in dynamic SMEs by strict adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards and by a common vision to do good for the companies we invest in, their stakeholders, the local communities, the regional economies, and the environment.

We believe that good corporate governance is one of the most fundamental factors for successfully navigating the challenges of rapid growth in the companies we invest in. It ensures proper risk management, transparency, and an avenue for constructive discussions where the opinion of all stakeholders can be considered.

We are also convinced that our joint concern and pro-active initiatives for social and environmental matters is not only the right thing to do, but also provides an important framework for risk management and an inspiration for all stakeholders in the companies we invest in.
We, therefore, incorporate ESG policies at every level of our investment process and encourage our investees to themselves serve as an example of how caring for the community and the environment is in fact a prerequisite for financial success rather than an afterthought.

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For any matters concerning our ESG policy, including potential grievances, please contact our ESG Team at We assure that any communication will be treated in strict confidentiality.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

BlackPeak supports Ivelina Momcheva's "Open Borders" Exhibition

BlackPeak supports Ivelina Momcheva's "Open Borders" Exhibition

BlackPeak is a proud supporter of Ivelina Momcheva's "Open Borders" Exhibition. Ivelina is an upcoming Bulgarian contemporary artist with strong views on some of the most pressing issues facing our society today.

Trust for Social Achievement

Trust for Social Achievement

BlackPeak proudly supports the mission of the Trust for Social Achievement. The TSA tests and supports innovative, results-driven approaches that increase self-sufficiency and improve life outcomes for Bulgaria's poor, with focus on the Roma.

BlackPeak is a supporter of Boyan Petrov's mission

BlackPeak is a supporter of Boyan Petrov's mission

BlackPeak is a proud supporter of Boyan Petrov's mission to Manaslu (8,156 m). Boyan is a Bulgarian zoologist and alpinist. His double climb of Broad Peak (8,047 m) and K2 (8,611 m) within 8 days is a world record. He is also the first diabetic to climb above 8,000 m without oxygen. Manaslu was the last 8,000+ m peak not climbed by a Bulgarian.