• GGE

  • Company: GGE Bulgaria
  • Sector: Energy efficiency
  • Date: 2015
  • Status: Invested
  • Total Investments: €1,600,000
  • BlackPeak Investments: €800,000
  • Co-Investor(s): PostScriptum; Gorenje Group

GGE Bulgaria OOD is a company focused on providing energy efficiency solutions in Bulgaria and the region. GGE Bulgaria OOD is the Bulgarian subsiduary of GGE d.o.o., a Slovenian company orignaly established by the Gorenje Group and Energetika Ljubljana.

The Company is run by a team with significant experience throughout the region in implementing custom energy efficiency solutions for a diversified client base including hotels, industrials, hospitals, municipalities, shopping malls, and others.

GGE’s unique proposition stems from its professional service and ability to invest in energy-efficiency assets on its own balance sheet. This provides clients with the ability to repay the initial capex investment over a 5-10 year period only with the savings from the reduced energy bills.

The investment will enable GGE Bulgaria to establish a portfolio of ESCO contracts in the country.

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